New Clients

Here's how to get started with Erica and learn more about what's possible!

Step 1

Complete Inquiry Form

Complete the inquiry form to describe the services you're interested in.

Inquiry Form

Step 2

Schedule a Discovery Call

Depending on what services you've selected, you'll receive a follow-up email, an intake form, and a link to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session to discuss your project goals.

Discovery Calls are typically conducted via Google Meet.

Step 3

Review Proposal & Contract

After further discussing your project requirements, I'll send a proposal and contract via email.

If the proposal looks good, you can accept the proposal, e-sign the contract, and we'll begin!

Need to modify your requirements or the scope of work? No problem! You can request a modification in the proposal, and I'll send over a new contract.

Step 4

Work Begins

Once you sign the contract, your project begins! Smaller services might start right away, and larger projects, such as a new website, will be added to our queue.

Some projects may require a deposit.

Step 5

Ongoing Communication & Support

I'll be in touch regularly throughout your project. And if you need support, my ticketing system will help us stay organized and on track.

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